Monday, October 18, 2010

Yes Yes Yes !.....

    We are navigating, as we move forward more people express similar feelings, that is: Our needs to share and our needs to expand , we are moving away from selfish achivements into a collective reunion, we are the forerunners of a cultural shift and we as artists are in the Laboratory learning....... Piero Morning  escapes onto a ladder of birds, leaving tamarind bells singing in the breast of wind.........
Stefano Resta

Yes Yes Yes! Creative explosions sending waves across california from the middle of the pacific. colors and sounds and clay and form and movement splintering out like a crystal exploding from my artistic brothers and sisters! i love it. well done. give thanks. keep it coming.
(Gabriel Mott )
Ethan Fierro .
Free-diving da Horizon... Kaupo Haiku 2 D Muse:
Wings Ablaze with Light
Kaupo Raining Sunset Breeze Hurtles Egrets Home... And home we R coming, as we wend-our-way through D "underbrush of form", emerging forth as a new-borne entity... Celestial Navigator...!!
Michael Ryes
Hula hooping to a new groove 'Tigers on fire' is almost complete I welcome the new... Breathing into a pause Finding stillness inside the chaos I am born into each moment anew ( Chandra Krown )

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