Thursday, October 28, 2010


I find it healing to create and express. It allows me to reflect like one of a prayer; of the devoted things that is most dear to me. Usually it's in the reflections of the relatedness within that moment; and it all starts with me!:)

Normally, if i'm creating, it is because i am not complete. This incomplete feeling is not exemplify as one of discourse but rather more of a "natural living process." In this natural living process of finding completion via creativity and expression, i find balance again (even if temporary) and that what makes my life infinite. It is infinite because it is never complete! From finding diplomacy within a conversation and/or a creative expression project to better reflect in relatedness of things, I can be invincible!

76 Days | "Art" Reflections Ekphrasis from Hai Dai on Vimeo.

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