Friday, October 22, 2010

the Artist ( four of thirtysix..)

Ethan Fierro
1. Vision: To plunge into "D soup of Creative Camaraderie," practicing da various strokes of "Inspired Navigation"...
2. Title: Warrior Artist in Bone.

Don Jusko

Chandra Krown
Coreographer/dancer/song writer
My vision: I love to dance on the ground and in the air, I am most joyous when I sing from my heart's desire, I design and make costumes and love to decorate the space around me either in my home or for the stage, I collaborate to produce music, dance pieces, still and moving visual images and am most drawn to creating and sharing 'movement in nature' as my artistic expression.

Aloha Piero,
In working with a site or space I seek to understand what has happened there, what signs, what life and wisdom has already been activated at that place. This is a search for potential and embedded energy, a search for inspiration and vision.  I use this work to explore space and place, an attempt to pry open new thoughts and seeings of what is before and around me.  These interventions are created as an opportunity to provoke thought, wonder and imagination.  This is a chance to observe, create and play.  This is an opening to find out what is and what can be. The art, if there is any, are the thoughts that are provoked and explored. The objects, the interventions, are secondary to what I hope will happen in the mind through this journey.

I think of myself as an interventionist, a spatial architect and a playful fool.

Thank you so much for bringing us together and for being an inspiration and mentor to us all. What you are doing is a very beautiful and very special thing.  I am deeply honored and excited to be part of this.
Many mahalos,
John Cassel
Spatial architect/ Interventionist


  1. Feed Haiku to da Hungry Muse...

    How many lifetimes
    Of Impermanence will One
    Lowly self cling to??

    Solitary Pool
    How deep does my metronome
    Eternally drop??

    One sip of coffee
    Inspiration or Bowels
    Which will Explode first?!?

    Muted thunder-heads
    Brilliantly glow with sunlight
    Viewed through a rain plume

    Swollen Gibbous moon
    Swinging low through treetop
    Celestial passage

    Helplessly held grasping
    Moon's vast gravitational

    Only revolution I can
    Stomach, and barely able
    At that

    Raking up the leaves
    Gently floating down

    One single cricket
    Forgetting mortality
    Strokes dusks heavenward...

  2. Ethan! Sorry that our interaction was fleeting - this poem I really liked. Are you planning on heading out for a longer stay at some point?