Monday, October 25, 2010

the Artist ( four of thirtysix..)(another four)

Lauren Harris
:artist: ceramicist/ painter /curator / word weaver

Intention: To embrace and harness the energy and momentum of these 76 days into a tangible beauty.
The word woven into a a fabric of impressions; dusted from charcoal on to a page, and solidified in earthly clay.
To contribute this quantum leap in the self and as a collective, to a wider circle: imbuing more people with the gift of stepping outside their regular flow of life, into their own creative dance.
The focus will be on the ritual and ceremony of tea. The simple art of a peaceful moment, folded into the makings of a tea pot, and unfolded each time a cup of tea is poured.

I will endeavor to produce 76 tea pots in celebration of the simple moment.

"Practice Peace, Drink Tea"  ~ Samovar

"From Hawaii to London, through Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, Tuscany...a quest for music, love, life, beauty, laughter, friendship brings us here as we embrace the day. To create the words, the chords, the visions, the dreams.’

- Danielle Delaunay, singer, songwriter, actress, model.

I am here to do my part in building Utopia: a community of equals joined by of expression, understanding, compassion and beauty.

Joti Mangat

Writer & Musician

The vision I hold is of Song and Fragrance, "A Tavern Of Ruin"!  (rumi)
 I  will write Five new songs for this 76 day collective
With this radiant full moon upon us, I also include a new perfume ~ Midnight Sun ~

"Some Flowers only bloom where there is no sun
some notes only sound in silence
some love only blossoms in the dark"

      ~ words from my upcoming song ~ "Sandalwood Mountain"

I continue to unfold, as inspiration moves herself through me
Some days are heavy, tired, full of questions, raw
The next, as night turns to day is filled with lightness, ease, knowing every cycle is grace unfolding
I pray for humility and love to envelop me laughing
to share these gifts with all of you, is the greatest joy I know.

"How the fragment of a melody
or the fragrance of a flower will evoke forgotten memories,
filling the soul with sadness, as though vague remembrances from other lives are passing over spirit."
~ Kalidasa
(one of India's greatest sanskrit poets)

Ashana Sophia Morrow;  Cellist, Vocalist, Esraj (Indian Cello) and Harp

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