Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chandra's first retreat

Got out to the Artist Sanctuary in Kaupo today
I am deeply inspired and truly ignited
The Sanctuary is coming together and is a laboratory for creation and connection. It's fertile ground and I'm sincerely honored to be part of it
Today was a magical day of synchronicity and creation
I completed the song "SIREN" with my music producer Jason Brown
I'm juiced and stoked for this upcoming week of creativity
I'm going to put the song to the new images I've almost completed with photographer Michael Gingerich and make a slideshow with music

The most profound message I left with was...
"It's great to be in appreciation of what we have and all that but it's more important to translate it into an offering to the world at large"

As I was driving back home from Kaupo this morning, I read "YIELD" so many times! So... I'm taking it in... I'm Yielding...

♥ Blessings

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