Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hai Dai - Father, Partner, Friend, Ekphrasis poet in perceptions; in truth, just "aware."

To sincerely be present in the now. To invoke sincerity starting with truth so we can better allude the metaphors of this moment; to be fully aware in the next! Sincerity with the intelligences of the heart so I can better interconnect via relatedness. I joined the 76 Days Visions and Revolutions with the premise to "SHARE" and contribute in the rEVOLUTION against the logical mind and its derivatives of the literal intelligences. The evolution of Ekphrasis poetry ("art within art"), where poetry exists when one medium translate another medium, is now possible with the advent of today's digital tools. I feel the mediums in which I expresses my creativity allude to my processes of well being and how it activate my intelligences. This sincerity of my intelligences is where magic begins!

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