Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tending the Creative Space - Lauren Harris

This morning I dreamt that we were working at Villa Tamarinda, cleaning , clearing, and then....you turned the spigot to flood fresh taro patches in the center of the property

Tonight I sit, with a moment of stillness etched into the darkness.
The kettle stirs, calling me to come closer to the fire, and I notice the tea leaves in a mystical dance.
Tonight I write, as the pen flows from me.
I watch, and the nameless casts it's intricate design across the page.
This shadow, becomes a brush stroke, becomes a word, and soon white paper is cloaked in a dust of charcoal.

Tell me, when you look at the page, do you see tea leaves?

If you do, you have caught a glimpse of my heart.
It is stirring in the wakefulness of a drawing.
It is stirring to the memory of you, in the fire, wrought in the rapture of this creating moment.
Tonight, I give in to the scent of the muse.... 

- Lauren Harris

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