Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Visions & Revolutions

We are only a breath away from the official beginning of the Voyage
The interest is mounting at a great speed, and we will continually monitor our progress and growth of the original idea.
The number of artist will grow daily until the 36th.
Please send your condensed vision of your understanding about the Event at the Kaupo Art Sanctuary, focusing on your perception of the importance that the experiment can have first to your self, then to the larger community of artists.
We have created this journal to share the intimacy of our Laboratory, the way we create and what we create, 
Our tools are language, images, stills, short film clips, sound bites, etc.
Imagine the viewer to be able to participate in the life style of the artist

We will need to constantly remember to contribute to this blog, our tool of communication.

So welcome, dear Celestial Navigators!
Make your contribution to the blog a priority and you will flourish from it..

Much love



  1. I'm excited and honored to be a part of this 76 Day journey and exploration with all the artists present here. And so appropriate to begin on the New Moon. I've always felt that creativity is born of nothing, the void, the emptiness that is the silent invitation for the Universe to join in and fill with energy. Before beginning any project, performance or self inquiry I allow myself to peal the layers of my thoughts, concepts and desires away so that I can first be only present with what "is". Sometimes this takes several minutes, sometimes several days. I see the beginning of this unique 76 Day journey as an opportunity to do that but on a larger more global scale inviting in a larger more global presence, experience and evolution. The Invitation resounds and has been received. Thank-you.

  2. Here! Present!
    My hand is raised enthusiastically.
    How can I be of service?
    How might I express?

    My vision for this is to hold a space for new breakthrough. In this project, I commit to trusting and honoring my heart. I will seek out the broken open and embrace.

    My geographical presence is in stark contrast to Kaupo. I have created a sanctuary in Valencia, California for the moment to focus on my passion and today completed a page on complementary colors.

    I find it relevant to share where my artistic expression happens to be on this new moon at the launch of the 76 days: with the basics, the grammar of color:

    So with that, I'm embracing new as well as familiar mediums with no expectations. I offer my support for your artistic expansion in whatever way that is supposed to happen.

    I wish I was physically with you all on Maui for the launch of this and am grateful to those of you who I'm able to talk to on the phone to more deeply connect myself.

    I'll be back in Maui at the end of November. I am open to the mystery of this project.

    In gratitude,