Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 1 - Welcome Peter, Chandra & Danielle

Welcome to the very beginning of the "76 days, Visions and Revolutions'' September 7, first new moon after the Autumn Equinox.  This is the first day of this project. It is a new moon and the beginning of this inner navigation. The Kaupo Art Sanctuary is  an experimental gathering of artists of all disciplines with the intention of observing what happens when we all pour our individual creativity into a greater collective 'whole'. I'm so curious to explore myself on the journey and learn more about the process and vision that is coming together here.

My perception is that this experiment can affect my creativity, productivity and ability to share my creative self with others. As a community of artists, we can inspire and touch each other's crafts while we weave a gorgeous tapestry for our magical communal carpet ride...

Here are some drops from the creative fountain:
a sun is setting and i am stunned by this day
a new moon will rise reminding us to empty
we are light, we are dark
we are dark, we are light
color full spectrum
brilliant inner being, you are so bright

- Chandra Krown (aerial dancer/ choreographer)

Thank you so much for including me in your creative vision and dream.   Sounds like a wonderful synergy to be a part of.   I'm excited. I recorded a little piece in response to the painting you sent me today to acknowledge the beginning of this 76 day cycle and our group exploration. 

- Peter Keter - (composer/pianist)


A moment arises, I allow myself to listen...wind, a gecko chirps, rain on a tin roof, ocean, a piano note, Simran's laugh, all the sounds that fill my life.  Inspired to capture the sounds that I live and breathe, the words that are and have been waiting, bursting to come out.  The opportunity to say 'the time is now'.  The music that pulses through my veins will become tangible.      

A Host, Piero Resta. A Sanctuary, Kaupo.  An exchange of thoughts, dreams, sounds, colors, visions.  We come together in this life to inspire and be.  It is with great honor and a humble heart, I accept the invitation to be apart of this artist exploration. To 76 days...

- Danielle Delaunay (singer/songwriter/actress/dancer/muse)

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