Sunday, October 31, 2010

A m u s e a n a r t i s t : Gabriel Mott

use me, abuse me, amuse me.
take me lightly,
empower me,
give yourself to me
as if you are nothing.
it is not you that is acting, creating, making.
it's me.
you use me
to feel.
you use me
to play artist
for a day
for a moment.
each time you pick up the brush
moosh the clay
stroke the keyboard
tickle the strings
or sing
i am your muse

and i give myself freely.
but you must commit
to love me fully,
give me sovereignty,
be delighted in my dance,
and believe in me
(if only for fun).
then, i will show you the way
to embrace your deepest desire
and have manifest the perfect art.
our hunger is the same,
our satiation divine.
give yourself to me
so that you can use me.
i am your muse.

My vision for the 76 day Kaupo artist retreat is to hold a space for new breakthrough. In this project, I commit to trusting and honoring my heart. I will seek out the broken open and embrace.

My geographical presence is in stark contrast to Kaupo. I am tethered to you with my feet touching down on the west coast of the mainland from the suburban capital of Valencia to the inland hills of Grass Valley.

I'm embracing new as well as familiar mediums with no expectations. I offer my support for your artistic expansion in whatever way that is supposed to happen. I'm in alignment with the mystery of this project.

I'll see you on Maui at the beginning of December.

In gratitude,
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  1. Dearest Gabe,
    I am so excited we are collaborating on this project and shared intentions. In the old kingdom, scholar warriors were only allowed to debate in poetry so it didn't get literal in the logic. Also they were no righteous but their presentation gave a diverse outlooks; complete dimensions to the paradigm we live in. I am sure there are a little of both ideals in our understanding and with this in mind i am just a conduit for the divine expression in me to you...

    "Dictionary: • ( muse) a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist."

    a muse; profoundly confused
    why subject of inspirations are treated that way
    dismay all conditions
    even shared sacred space and time
    divine; inspired of our highest ideals
    ignite the way we "feel;" doesn't that mean anything?
    maybe we are use to disposable contrasts
    to give all means to take falls
    and even abuse as default.

    at mast, alas what we have we become as "artists"
    this exercise of embracing desire at all costs
    now dilute sacredness to manifest the perfect art
    but isn't all the same; the subject of inspiration...
    and the art looking for fame
    and the art is left to shame
    and the art left to blame

    oh my sacrificial muse...
    what have we done in the name of art?