Sunday, October 31, 2010

A m u s e a n a r t i s t : Gabriel Mott

use me, abuse me, amuse me.
take me lightly,
empower me,
give yourself to me
as if you are nothing.
it is not you that is acting, creating, making.
it's me.
you use me
to feel.
you use me
to play artist
for a day
for a moment.
each time you pick up the brush
moosh the clay
stroke the keyboard
tickle the strings
or sing
i am your muse

and i give myself freely.
but you must commit
to love me fully,
give me sovereignty,
be delighted in my dance,
and believe in me
(if only for fun).
then, i will show you the way
to embrace your deepest desire
and have manifest the perfect art.
our hunger is the same,
our satiation divine.
give yourself to me
so that you can use me.
i am your muse.

My vision for the 76 day Kaupo artist retreat is to hold a space for new breakthrough. In this project, I commit to trusting and honoring my heart. I will seek out the broken open and embrace.

My geographical presence is in stark contrast to Kaupo. I am tethered to you with my feet touching down on the west coast of the mainland from the suburban capital of Valencia to the inland hills of Grass Valley.

I'm embracing new as well as familiar mediums with no expectations. I offer my support for your artistic expansion in whatever way that is supposed to happen. I'm in alignment with the mystery of this project.

I'll see you on Maui at the beginning of December.

In gratitude,
my color website

A New Muse

i am
so glad i met you, however briefly ,
there is a sense in me to want to portray you.
Let me know what you think about that.

Tell me more... portray me how

As a Muse, movie(short)painting,photography,

Perhaps. I am not into being nude, would need to be paid for my time, and it would need to be close by. What do you think?

You are great, i know that, too many limitations for the way i work.
Let see what the Cosmos bring forward...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

two more artists..(4+4+2)..............,....,..........=36 Celestial Navigators

Social Networks are the veins to the Super Highway.
Michael Ryals , multimedia, photographer.

Peter Kater - 6 Time Grammy Award nominated Pianist/Composer/Environmentalist
"I think all art aspires to capture, mirror and express even the slightest essence and resemblance of what is so effortlessly manifested in Nature every second throughout eternity.   We find our souls in nature because it is our nature to be soulful.  76 Days is an invitation to know and express ourselves through our art and craft in a deeper and richer interaction.    Thank-you Piero."

Villa Tamarinda and Kaupo Art Sanctuary, full moon compositions

On the October full moon (22,23, 24 ) the Villa Tamarinda and the Kaupo Art Sanctuary hosted the first in residence artists from the "76 Days Visions and Revolutions." We are progressing well, so many layers of creativity, we are not only amplifing our selves, we are merging into one total experience,learning the importance of Sharing.

Check out Reflections Song - A Tribute to the Celestial Navigators

We are now on the 23rd day of the Voyage, the currents are moving us forward...

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I find it healing to create and express. It allows me to reflect like one of a prayer; of the devoted things that is most dear to me. Usually it's in the reflections of the relatedness within that moment; and it all starts with me!:)

Normally, if i'm creating, it is because i am not complete. This incomplete feeling is not exemplify as one of discourse but rather more of a "natural living process." In this natural living process of finding completion via creativity and expression, i find balance again (even if temporary) and that what makes my life infinite. It is infinite because it is never complete! From finding diplomacy within a conversation and/or a creative expression project to better reflect in relatedness of things, I can be invincible!

76 Days | "Art" Reflections Ekphrasis from Hai Dai on Vimeo.


Defined as "Simple elegance and/or refinement of movement." Nature and its surrounding has an implicit way in presenting grace. When even i have a need and/or want to exude grace, i simply look to nature. This was one of the many collaborative expressions shared at our first dinner; one which i find most graceful! Blessed the full moon and its metaphors of light.

76 Days | Reflections: Ode to the Moon Ekphrasis from Hai Dai on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hai Dai - Father, Partner, Friend, Ekphrasis poet in perceptions; in truth, just "aware."

To sincerely be present in the now. To invoke sincerity starting with truth so we can better allude the metaphors of this moment; to be fully aware in the next! Sincerity with the intelligences of the heart so I can better interconnect via relatedness. I joined the 76 Days Visions and Revolutions with the premise to "SHARE" and contribute in the rEVOLUTION against the logical mind and its derivatives of the literal intelligences. The evolution of Ekphrasis poetry ("art within art"), where poetry exists when one medium translate another medium, is now possible with the advent of today's digital tools. I feel the mediums in which I expresses my creativity allude to my processes of well being and how it activate my intelligences. This sincerity of my intelligences is where magic begins!

Monday, October 25, 2010

the Artist ( four of thirtysix..)(another four)

Lauren Harris
:artist: ceramicist/ painter /curator / word weaver

Intention: To embrace and harness the energy and momentum of these 76 days into a tangible beauty.
The word woven into a a fabric of impressions; dusted from charcoal on to a page, and solidified in earthly clay.
To contribute this quantum leap in the self and as a collective, to a wider circle: imbuing more people with the gift of stepping outside their regular flow of life, into their own creative dance.
The focus will be on the ritual and ceremony of tea. The simple art of a peaceful moment, folded into the makings of a tea pot, and unfolded each time a cup of tea is poured.

I will endeavor to produce 76 tea pots in celebration of the simple moment.

"Practice Peace, Drink Tea"  ~ Samovar

"From Hawaii to London, through Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, Tuscany...a quest for music, love, life, beauty, laughter, friendship brings us here as we embrace the day. To create the words, the chords, the visions, the dreams.’

- Danielle Delaunay, singer, songwriter, actress, model.

I am here to do my part in building Utopia: a community of equals joined by of expression, understanding, compassion and beauty.

Joti Mangat

Writer & Musician

The vision I hold is of Song and Fragrance, "A Tavern Of Ruin"!  (rumi)
 I  will write Five new songs for this 76 day collective
With this radiant full moon upon us, I also include a new perfume ~ Midnight Sun ~

"Some Flowers only bloom where there is no sun
some notes only sound in silence
some love only blossoms in the dark"

      ~ words from my upcoming song ~ "Sandalwood Mountain"

I continue to unfold, as inspiration moves herself through me
Some days are heavy, tired, full of questions, raw
The next, as night turns to day is filled with lightness, ease, knowing every cycle is grace unfolding
I pray for humility and love to envelop me laughing
to share these gifts with all of you, is the greatest joy I know.

"How the fragment of a melody
or the fragrance of a flower will evoke forgotten memories,
filling the soul with sadness, as though vague remembrances from other lives are passing over spirit."
~ Kalidasa
(one of India's greatest sanskrit poets)

Ashana Sophia Morrow;  Cellist, Vocalist, Esraj (Indian Cello) and Harp

Gathering energy

A peak moment in the first phase of the 76 days project - a gathering of 12 travelers at table to take stock of the task at hand, to leave behind for three lunar cycles the routine assumptions and behaviours that define our daily lives and to strive for something glorious.

The first performance, Ashana & Danielle in a duet of cello and voice, brought us into a Baroque salon without walls under the moon. It was at once chilling and sublime - a simultaneous expression of female symmetry.

Darkness, not discomforting but resolutely dark

Browns, Grays and Black, the secret structures that bind us to the past, to the origin
Can light penetrate this chamber? Will its shafts touch down on my face, my retina? 
A Cathedral inverted, inner space suspended by Tuscan columns, no walls, no roof, no confinement
The voices of the ancients, come now and never leave us 

Friday, October 22, 2010

the Artist ( four of thirtysix..)

Ethan Fierro
1. Vision: To plunge into "D soup of Creative Camaraderie," practicing da various strokes of "Inspired Navigation"...
2. Title: Warrior Artist in Bone.

Don Jusko

Chandra Krown
Coreographer/dancer/song writer
My vision: I love to dance on the ground and in the air, I am most joyous when I sing from my heart's desire, I design and make costumes and love to decorate the space around me either in my home or for the stage, I collaborate to produce music, dance pieces, still and moving visual images and am most drawn to creating and sharing 'movement in nature' as my artistic expression.

Aloha Piero,
In working with a site or space I seek to understand what has happened there, what signs, what life and wisdom has already been activated at that place. This is a search for potential and embedded energy, a search for inspiration and vision.  I use this work to explore space and place, an attempt to pry open new thoughts and seeings of what is before and around me.  These interventions are created as an opportunity to provoke thought, wonder and imagination.  This is a chance to observe, create and play.  This is an opening to find out what is and what can be. The art, if there is any, are the thoughts that are provoked and explored. The objects, the interventions, are secondary to what I hope will happen in the mind through this journey.

I think of myself as an interventionist, a spatial architect and a playful fool.

Thank you so much for bringing us together and for being an inspiration and mentor to us all. What you are doing is a very beautiful and very special thing.  I am deeply honored and excited to be part of this.
Many mahalos,
John Cassel
Spatial architect/ Interventionist

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Peter Keter in "Thema Mundi"


Here is a composition By Peter Keter in the  second week of the 76 days Visions and Revolutions journey ..... painting by Piero

The Vessel

Holding the Vessel, an act of giving and receiving, our body as a Vessel.

The new Revolution is about sharing ...

Cook with love, eat with love.....

We are now at the second week entry of this glorious 76 days collective event,
a great dinner for 12 artist will be lit by the full moon, we will expand our Gratitude to all of you...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Yes Yes Yes !.....

    We are navigating, as we move forward more people express similar feelings, that is: Our needs to share and our needs to expand , we are moving away from selfish achivements into a collective reunion, we are the forerunners of a cultural shift and we as artists are in the Laboratory learning....... Piero Morning  escapes onto a ladder of birds, leaving tamarind bells singing in the breast of wind.........
Stefano Resta

Yes Yes Yes! Creative explosions sending waves across california from the middle of the pacific. colors and sounds and clay and form and movement splintering out like a crystal exploding from my artistic brothers and sisters! i love it. well done. give thanks. keep it coming.
(Gabriel Mott )
Ethan Fierro .
Free-diving da Horizon... Kaupo Haiku 2 D Muse:
Wings Ablaze with Light
Kaupo Raining Sunset Breeze Hurtles Egrets Home... And home we R coming, as we wend-our-way through D "underbrush of form", emerging forth as a new-borne entity... Celestial Navigator...!!
Michael Ryes
Hula hooping to a new groove 'Tigers on fire' is almost complete I welcome the new... Breathing into a pause Finding stillness inside the chaos I am born into each moment anew ( Chandra Krown )

Friday, October 15, 2010


A Federico Fellini, director, quote: The Visionaries are the only true Realists.

We are giving ourselves to the great Waters of creativity, our collective voyage progressing.......

Heading out to pick up my lump of clay, to begin being lost within loam.... and burst forth with new form. Today, I become clay...

Black cedar drips through my mind,
the echo of you in a teaspoon of honey and again in the sweet breath of the night.

Lauren Harris

 ~ Day 7 ~

adjusting the images
arranging the song
encouraging the movement
preparing to present
considering playing with fire
submerging into the ocean

 ~ Day 8 ~

Louder today
Us is present
Despite the vulnerable neck
The spin cycle stays broken
Gorgeous freshness
Dreamtime calls

 Michael Ryes

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chandra's first retreat

Got out to the Artist Sanctuary in Kaupo today
I am deeply inspired and truly ignited
The Sanctuary is coming together and is a laboratory for creation and connection. It's fertile ground and I'm sincerely honored to be part of it
Today was a magical day of synchronicity and creation
I completed the song "SIREN" with my music producer Jason Brown
I'm juiced and stoked for this upcoming week of creativity
I'm going to put the song to the new images I've almost completed with photographer Michael Gingerich and make a slideshow with music

The most profound message I left with was...
"It's great to be in appreciation of what we have and all that but it's more important to translate it into an offering to the world at large"

As I was driving back home from Kaupo this morning, I read "YIELD" so many times! So... I'm taking it in... I'm Yielding...

♥ Blessings

A Positive Vortex

This morning i woke up to a double rainbow,
What a spectacle, early morning sunlight, mist on the east and a clear blue sky on the west
To breath in the air and realize the importance of our lives as the fortunate artists that can absorb beauty and expand the possibility of its presence in less fortunate places.
This voyage, now on the fourth day of the 76 days is already creating a  positive vortex,  thank you all for being part of this expansion.

New Moon: Ashana & Chandra - Day 2

 This day begins 
 With a fragile knowing that all my love affairs are temporary, 
 This passionate dance between sun, moon, my heart, mind
 Singing revives me, adorning the intangible 
 Maybe the only clothes I've ever been truly comfortable in
 Singing my first song of the day,
 I'm dressed.

 - Ashana sophia morrow

Letting go of what is not in service to my bliss, joy and sense of thrivival
It is difficult sense the loss what is comfortable and familiar
I dissolve - an act or instance of moving gradually from one picture to another
The new picture is designing itself
Trusting, surrender to the artist - also known as the great creator
Loosing my identity I strive for freedom - the power to exercise choice and make decisions without constraint from within or without
Is it possible in this realm or must we find the entrance to another?

Chandra Krown

Michael Ryals

Tending the Creative Space - Lauren Harris

This morning I dreamt that we were working at Villa Tamarinda, cleaning , clearing, and turned the spigot to flood fresh taro patches in the center of the property

Tonight I sit, with a moment of stillness etched into the darkness.
The kettle stirs, calling me to come closer to the fire, and I notice the tea leaves in a mystical dance.
Tonight I write, as the pen flows from me.
I watch, and the nameless casts it's intricate design across the page.
This shadow, becomes a brush stroke, becomes a word, and soon white paper is cloaked in a dust of charcoal.

Tell me, when you look at the page, do you see tea leaves?

If you do, you have caught a glimpse of my heart.
It is stirring in the wakefulness of a drawing.
It is stirring to the memory of you, in the fire, wrought in the rapture of this creating moment.
Tonight, I give in to the scent of the muse.... 

- Lauren Harris

Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 1 - Welcome Peter, Chandra & Danielle

Welcome to the very beginning of the "76 days, Visions and Revolutions'' September 7, first new moon after the Autumn Equinox.  This is the first day of this project. It is a new moon and the beginning of this inner navigation. The Kaupo Art Sanctuary is  an experimental gathering of artists of all disciplines with the intention of observing what happens when we all pour our individual creativity into a greater collective 'whole'. I'm so curious to explore myself on the journey and learn more about the process and vision that is coming together here.

My perception is that this experiment can affect my creativity, productivity and ability to share my creative self with others. As a community of artists, we can inspire and touch each other's crafts while we weave a gorgeous tapestry for our magical communal carpet ride...

Here are some drops from the creative fountain:
a sun is setting and i am stunned by this day
a new moon will rise reminding us to empty
we are light, we are dark
we are dark, we are light
color full spectrum
brilliant inner being, you are so bright

- Chandra Krown (aerial dancer/ choreographer)

Thank you so much for including me in your creative vision and dream.   Sounds like a wonderful synergy to be a part of.   I'm excited. I recorded a little piece in response to the painting you sent me today to acknowledge the beginning of this 76 day cycle and our group exploration. 

- Peter Keter - (composer/pianist)


A moment arises, I allow myself to listen...wind, a gecko chirps, rain on a tin roof, ocean, a piano note, Simran's laugh, all the sounds that fill my life.  Inspired to capture the sounds that I live and breathe, the words that are and have been waiting, bursting to come out.  The opportunity to say 'the time is now'.  The music that pulses through my veins will become tangible.      

A Host, Piero Resta. A Sanctuary, Kaupo.  An exchange of thoughts, dreams, sounds, colors, visions.  We come together in this life to inspire and be.  It is with great honor and a humble heart, I accept the invitation to be apart of this artist exploration. To 76 days...

- Danielle Delaunay (singer/songwriter/actress/dancer/muse)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Visions & Revolutions

We are only a breath away from the official beginning of the Voyage
The interest is mounting at a great speed, and we will continually monitor our progress and growth of the original idea.
The number of artist will grow daily until the 36th.
Please send your condensed vision of your understanding about the Event at the Kaupo Art Sanctuary, focusing on your perception of the importance that the experiment can have first to your self, then to the larger community of artists.
We have created this journal to share the intimacy of our Laboratory, the way we create and what we create, 
Our tools are language, images, stills, short film clips, sound bites, etc.
Imagine the viewer to be able to participate in the life style of the artist

We will need to constantly remember to contribute to this blog, our tool of communication.

So welcome, dear Celestial Navigators!
Make your contribution to the blog a priority and you will flourish from it..

Much love