Monday, October 25, 2010

Gathering energy

A peak moment in the first phase of the 76 days project - a gathering of 12 travelers at table to take stock of the task at hand, to leave behind for three lunar cycles the routine assumptions and behaviours that define our daily lives and to strive for something glorious.

The first performance, Ashana & Danielle in a duet of cello and voice, brought us into a Baroque salon without walls under the moon. It was at once chilling and sublime - a simultaneous expression of female symmetry.

Darkness, not discomforting but resolutely dark

Browns, Grays and Black, the secret structures that bind us to the past, to the origin
Can light penetrate this chamber? Will its shafts touch down on my face, my retina? 
A Cathedral inverted, inner space suspended by Tuscan columns, no walls, no roof, no confinement
The voices of the ancients, come now and never leave us 

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