Friday, October 15, 2010


A Federico Fellini, director, quote: The Visionaries are the only true Realists.

We are giving ourselves to the great Waters of creativity, our collective voyage progressing.......

Heading out to pick up my lump of clay, to begin being lost within loam.... and burst forth with new form. Today, I become clay...

Black cedar drips through my mind,
the echo of you in a teaspoon of honey and again in the sweet breath of the night.

Lauren Harris

 ~ Day 7 ~

adjusting the images
arranging the song
encouraging the movement
preparing to present
considering playing with fire
submerging into the ocean

 ~ Day 8 ~

Louder today
Us is present
Despite the vulnerable neck
The spin cycle stays broken
Gorgeous freshness
Dreamtime calls

 Michael Ryes


  1. Yes Yes Yes! Creative explosions sending waves across california from the middle of the pacific. colors and sounds and clay and form and movement splintering out like a crystal exploding from my artistic brothers and sisters! i love it. well done. give thanks. keep it coming.

  2. Free-diving da Horizon...

    Kaupo Haiku 2 D Muse:

    Wings Ablaze with Light
    Kaupo Raining Sunset Breeze
    Hurtles Egrets Home...

    And home we R coming, as we wend-our-way through D "underbrush of form", emerging forth as a new-borne entity... Celestial Navigator...!!

  3. Feed Haiku to da Hungry Muse...

    How many lifetimes
    Of Impermanence will One
    Lowly self cling to??

    Solitary Pool
    How deep does my metronome
    Eternally drop??

    One sip of coffee
    Inspiration or Bowels
    Which will Explode first?!?

    Muted thunder-heads
    Brilliantly glow with sunlight
    Viewed through a rain plume

    Swollen Gibbous moon
    Swinging low through treetop
    Celestial passage

    Helplessly held grasping
    Moon's vast gravitational

    Only revolution I can
    Stomach, and barely able
    At that

    Raking up the leaves
    Gently floating down

    One single cricket
    Forgetting mortality
    Strokes dusks heavenward...