Friday, November 26, 2010

Today's Thanks

Home of sacredness
This body support life's intent 
leaves; me in balance


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  1. Today i created a visual poem about ceremonies and sacredness
    and allude it as an interactive multimedia art installations.

    I saw the monks as performance artists creating for the divine
    and the high priest curates quietly in meditation;
    channeling his knowledge of divinity
    by being a symbol in our expressions.

    I am a prayer!

    The people in the temple; a museum
    conduits to the heavens in the NOW
    we alluded as multi-mediums.

    I am a metaphor!

    Alluding meanings of life; defined as death
    metaphored as bodies of flame ignited by the fire
    labeled as Dai Hai; meaning big ocean
    often feeling "untitled."

    I am ever burning!

    Life's paradox; a baby is born
    an inspiration to live but body slowly dies
    returning to the original creation
    God must loves imagination.

    I am god's imagination.

    Realizing surrendering to the flow
    will be the final act of aspiration
    and inspiration is living; a pure and intense joy
    aware and full of wonderment!

    I am loved!