Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Living Lucid

Everything is fusing into something else… similar as one liquid substance with another;  there is a chemistry happening… call it what you like... here share mine:

"Garden of Dreams"
it starts with seeds

a vision; hand points at mouth
painter's arms needing an arm rest

pomegranate seeds has many facet
and wants to be eaten

picked hibiscus flower, fluttering
hand turns a page; face down

bursting; wanting to smell its essence
soaked in curvaceous vase

buzzing like wild honey bees
absorbed in their activities

straight lines yearning to scribble
lovely curly ones too!

pillars planted among tall grass
with the backdrop of high mountain

to create foundations for red altar;
offerings for the divine

our seeds want to share with sacredness;
yearning to be lucid.

76 Days Visions and Revolutions | Dreaming in the Garden Xfrasis from Hai Dai on Vimeo.

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