Saturday, November 27, 2010

Re-Charting: Sacred Backdrops

Orange layers painting as backdrop; 
   hung colors of sacred rite like of wet towels.
Tonight I saw a "devotional dance," linage of Odissi,
   busy as a performance; more like entertainment via dance.
With finesse written intro; bragging rights and all the info

   and prayers no where to be found.
Even sacred adornments worn as in performance 
   were immediately advertised and sold; astound.

This invocation to Lord Shiva 
   treated like the diva of the divine.
Sacred mudras were said to be shown.
Photos taking prohibited; so consecration weren't blown.
But I couldn't help myself leaving the blessed
   by documenting devoties ignoring their own message;
   sanctification has been tested, admiration renounced.
They sneaked photos and videos as part their own undertaking;
   an invocation of what I've recorded as Rupia's raking.

Even if we make pole dancing sacred,
   so no one would feel guilty for going half naked.
At least we would not have to fake it; knowing
   every creation and expression is divine.
We just need to remind ourselves of devotion
   a one person engagement; barely works with weddings of two.

Symbol of devotion, an abstract of the mind; made to enable self.
Truly a sacred blessing for all and Godly if the community now felt.
Wanting control or to design mysticism
   might just end up in karmic of self criticisms.
Spirituality will be the last thing the mind control;
soon we will realize to just live life and feel bold.

Why I know this to be true?
That Shiva was unhappy about this
performance was announced not finished; jammed up by music disc.
Apologies were even made... sacredness "felt" untrue; worst yet explained.
finds this Om Sherif uninspired; alluding performances with fading rhymes.

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