Sunday, November 21, 2010

Charting One: Source of creations

In the past couple of days of full moon I have been to a three ceremonies which open my eyes to the source of creations. The metas are made very clear both in the known and unknown; the reality and myth, as well as, the self and the universe. 

Although the "Shiva Linga" ceremony was not made clear to me in the literal sense (including the name); but in my findings after the experience and the poem was written based my reflections, how uniquely in parallel the poem was to the mythology of it… and of course it would!

Source of Creations Xfrasis

At the source of all creations
there is a symbol; an offering
for the divine

WE, You and I

adorned it; a soft glow
encompasses the universe
form one absolute totality;
     a true essence that brings unity
by acceptance of being.

it is the most creative endeavors;
     full of imagination without fears
we bathed it in the milk of life
decorate it with the blossoms from mother earth 
sprinkle it with rice and delicate intentions.

share fire with it and bless it in water
sing, praise and dance with it
it heals; creates selfless love with others
accepting all of Universe as a divine being
all part of the natural balance 
in harmonious state of existence; perfections.

WE, You and I

share the same equality of its creations
that why it's call the source.

76 days Visions and Revolutions | Source of Creations Xfrasis from Hai Dai on Vimeo.

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